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Were All Mad Here Francisyaro,2019-10-31 11:20:31

[P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]Theres a new Pandora charm in town, and were simply mad about it. Fans of the Cheshire Cat will be excited to find [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]a brand new double sided charms has debuted at the Magic Kingdom. The Cheshire Cat isnt the only one grinning today. [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]This charm is so cute, we had to stop and take a closer look. We spotted this new parks exclusive dangle charm at [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]Uptown Jewelers for $65. Thankfully, a giant sign is there [url=http://www.charmspandorasale.de/pandora-armband/][/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]pandora armband gold[/url] to guide you into Uptown Jewelers. Maybe it really does matter which way we go.[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]One side of the charm has a smiling Cheshire Cat face in color. The giant grinning face looks perfect against the black [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]background and silver scalloped edges. The nice thing about this type of dangle Pandora charm is that you can wear it [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]as part of a collection on a bracelet, or on a chain alone as a necklace. The flexibility of this charm gives you a lot [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]more styling options. The reverse side reads Were All Mad Here. The writing looks like something wed find in [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]Wonderland. We love the saying on this charm. Were all mad here, so were loving this new Alice in Wonderland charm. [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]This Cheshire Cat charm is a parks exclusive, so be sure [url=http://www.charmspandorasale.de/]pandora deutschland [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]sale[/url] to pick one up before they disappear for good! If youre swinging by the Magic Kingdom to check this one [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]out, be sure to take a look at the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Pandora Charms while youre there![/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]La multifactica Millie Bobby Brown es ahora una mujer de negocios. Tras finalizar la ltima temporada de 'Stranger [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]Things', la actriz se ha sumado a infinidad de nuevos y excitantes proyectos, y algunos de ellos quedan de la pantalla. [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]Si ya la vimos hace unos meses estrenando su propia firma de cosmticos de belleza 'Florence by Mills', ahora le toca [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]el turno a Pandora. La famosa marca [url=http://www.charmspandorasale.de/pandora-charms/]pandora charms disney[/url] de [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]pulseras con charms ha querido colaborar con Brown y recoger ese aura juvenil, artstica y divertida en sus diseños. Sus [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]fans enloquecen y la actriz no puede estar ms contenta con el resultado.[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]La coleccin, inspirada en la infancia y adolescencia, se basa en un conjunto de mini charms que sirven para decorar [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]pulseras, colgantes, pendientes, anillos o broches. Las formas son interminables y van desde caras sonrientes, cactus o [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]arcoiris hasta lunas, notas musicales y abejorros. Son bañados en plata de primera ley de origen sostenible y recuerdan [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]a los emoticonos de Whatsapp. ¿El resultado? Una coleccin muy noventera con piezas cargadas de significado. Para elegir [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]el charm que mejor vaya con tu [url=http://www.charmspandorasale.de/]pandora schmuck sale[/url] personalidad, slo [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]tienes que dejarte llevar por tus recuerdos y gustos. De esta manera, tendrs la pulsera Pandora que mejor te defina.[/SIZE][/FACE][/P]

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