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Consumers are fickle about footwear Francisyaro,2019-10-31 11:12:07

[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]The timing is curious, to say the least. [url=https://www.nikefemmevetements.fr/nike-sportswear-femme/]nike sportswear [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]femme soldes[/url] Less than a day after Under Armour founder Kevin Plank resigned as CEO, the top executive at Nike, [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]Mark Parker, announced he'd be stepping down in January. Even more curious is his replacement. Whereas Under Armour [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]named apparel veteran and current company president Patrik Frisk as its next CEO, Nike went outside the company, and [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]even outside the industry, selecting ServiceNow CEO John Donahoe for the position. Prior to taking the helm at [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]ServiceNow, Donahoe was the chief of eBay.[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]It's not a completely outrageous idea. [url=https://www.nikefemmevetements.fr/nike-sportswear-femme/]nike sportswear [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]femme veste[/url] All companies are to some extent "tech" companies these days, and perhaps Nike more so than most. [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]It's focusing in a big way on its online-selling efforts and is using technology in innovative ways to streamline [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]inventory management. A tech veteran brings value to the table. It would be premature to suggest, however, that design [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]and style no longer matter in the industry.[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]Consumers are fickle about footwear. [url=https://www.nikefemmevetements.fr/nike-sportswear-femme/]nike femme pas cher[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px][/url] If you think an athletic apparel company's sheer size can dictate to consumers what's hot and what's not, think [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]again. No amount of marketing firepower or clout -- or even availability -- ensures sales. And sometimes demand takes [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]shape almost by accident. One only has to look at one of this summer's hottest teen footwear trends to see the [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]connection. Crocs shoes were all the rage, not despite their "ugly" look but likely because of it. The brand was ranked [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]as the 13th most popular among teen girls in a Piper Jaffray survey, up from 30th in 2017. Many teens acknowledged the [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]trend caught on simply because everybody was wearing them.  [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]Second-quarter earnings of $0.59 per share [url=https://www.nikefemmevetements.fr/nike-sportswear-femme/]nike femme pas [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]cher vetement[/url] trounced estimates of $0.46, with CEO Andrew Rees crediting a modern revival of the mania that [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]first thrust the company's light, clunky foam clogs into the spotlight in the 90's and early 2000's. Also this summer, [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]Nike's Air Max 270 React became a surprisingly big hit. The athletic shoe is a nod to the company's past, but doesn't [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]differ remarkably in looks or performance from other footwear in Nike's present portfolio. Buyers appear to love the [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]intense color combinations and options more than they love the 270 React's underlying construction and function; from a [/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]
[/SIZE][/FACE][/P][P][FACE=w][SIZE=12px]design perspective, the company could have made that move at any time.[/SIZE][/FACE][/P]

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